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Celebrating 50 Years

June 9, 1955-June 9, 2005

The Salem Garden Club is open to anyone interested in learning about and participating in civic beautification, conservation, and horticultural activities and events.

It's a wonderful way to meet new friends, trade gardening tips (and plants), learn about horticulture and floral design, and participate in events supporting the efforts of the Club.

For over 50 years, the Salem Garden Club has invested thousands of hours in civic activities and has been instrumental in promoting the beautification of Salem's homes, businesses, roadsides, parks, public lands, and buildings.

First organized in 1955 and federated in 1956, the Salem Garden Club is a member of the National Council of State Garden Clubs, Inc. and the National Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.

There are many ways that a garden club can benefit a gardener. Young or old, new or expert, a garden club offers up many great benefits to gardeners. If you've ever wanted to learn more about gardening, join a garden club.


A garden club is a great way to team up with other likeminded individuals and work together toward a common goal of gardening.

Projects can be worked on as a team and thus the workload lightened. Those who are young or new to gardening will greatly benefit from this form of teamwork gardening and they will learn from the experts.

Trade Seeds

Trading seeds is one of the many great benefits of a garden club. Gardeners can bring in their favorite seeds and trade them for other gardener's favorite seeds.

By trading the gardeners can share and share a like. It's a great way to try a new plant without having to go out and invest in the seeds. This is ideal if you're unsure of whether or not you'll like said vegetable or fruit.


If you're like many of us, you don't have a lot of time for friendships. This is a great way to build friendships with people who think like you do.

You can meet others, work together on projects and spend some quality time being friends. It's a great way to get out of the house and meet others.

Confidence Builder

Gardening is a great way to build up your confidence. When you're out gardening you get to see the fruits of your labor.

You'll enjoy a beautiful garden and you'll be getting some confidence in your ability to create something beautiful. This is especially important if you're going through a difficult time such as a divorce or the death of a loved one. It can greatly lower your stress levels.

Learn From Others

If you're new to gardening, or if you wish to learn some specific gardening skills, this is an ideal way to learn them.

Others may have already tried a different form of gardening such as straw bale gardening or layered gardening. If you're seeking to learn how to do some such endeavor, this is an ideal way to learn it without having to take a class.

Make Money

Yes, you can turn your love of growing plants into a business. And your fellow members can help you. Just ask my husband. He runs a successful landscaping company. He will be the first one to tell you that lawn care sucks (his favorite website!) but he loves working on the roses around our home.

With hands on experience you're sure to gain a lot of know-how and see exactly how it works to do such types of gardening.

By working together in a garden club, you're opening yourself up to many new possibilities and you'll find many great benefits.

You'll get out of the house more and you'll spend some quality time working on things that you enjoy without having to spend a lot of money on those things.

Garden clubs are an ideal way to unite a neighborhood or a group of friends. It's fun to garden together and share the wealth when the fruits and vegetables ripen. Gardening takes a moment to learn and a lifetime to master.